Protesters gather on Clapham Common to 'end the lockdown'

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Protesters gather on Clapham Common to 'end the lockdown'

Postby Community Editor » Sun May 24, 2020 8:28 am

They argue children should only go back to school if there's no social distancing.

Protesters gathered on Clapham Common yesterday as they fight for lockdown to come to end and for children to only return to school if there's "no social distancing".

A group came together for a "peaceful gathering" on Clapham Common at 12pm on Saturday May 23.

One witness reported seeing around 20 protesters and 12 police officers at the scene.

It's a protest that's apparently occurring every Saturday at 12pm in Clapham and in Hyde Park.

Those involved are campaigning to "end the lockdown".

In a poster sharing the event, organisers wrote: "There's more dying being kept out of the NHS by the lockdown than even the Government claims the Lockdown saves!"

Regarding schools they said they only want children to be sent back if there's no social distancing.

The poster said: "They should go back only if there's no social distancing which is mentally damaging to children and there's no telecom towers which emit bad radiation within 400 yards."

One witness at Clapham Common said there's "about a dozen police" at the scene.

They added that they think around 20 people are protesting, but it's a bit ambiguous as among them there are people with cameras.
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