Revellers party into the night on Tooting Common - and police ‘couldn't do anything’

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Revellers party into the night on Tooting Common - and police ‘couldn't do anything’

Postby Community Editor » Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:59 am

A huge group of people gathered on Tooting Common blasting music into the early hours and leaving masses of litter behind when the party finished.

One witness described it as 'basically a festival' while another reported seeing between 50 and 100 people at the gathering on Friday night (May 29),

Music could be still be heard thumping through loudspeakers at 1am, and despite multiple reports police reportedly told witnesses they couldn't do anything. When they arrived to clear up the party, the crowds had dispersed.

One person claimed they called 101 and were told police had attended but the revellers were refusing to disperse and that the police didn't have the numbers to do anything.

Tooting Town Police replied to one Tweet saying that there were 'well aware and try to get to the common' but that 'unfortunately a busy shift meant we couldn't get there'.

Not only did this party blatantly flout the social distancing rules, but playing music loudly past 11pm is illegal and Wandsworth Council requires people have such a gathering to acquire a permit before the event.

The next morning rubbish, including broken glass, could be seen strewn on the common, with a a couple of people attempting to clear up the mess.

When asked for comment the Metropolitan Police said: "Police were called to Tooting Bec Common overnight on Friday, May 29 to a report of a group of people gathering in the park.

"Officers attended later that evening and the crowd had dispersed. No arrests."

Photo: Rubbish left across the Common
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Re: Revellers party into the night on Tooting Common - and police ‘couldn't do anything’

Postby JessyJ » Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:39 pm

I hope they didn't just leave it there. And at least some of these vandals were brought to justice...We often have festivals in our city, but there has never been such a mess.Once was a situation that people left behind a lot of uneaten food after a meat&wine festival and when the event ended, our team picked up all the trash. We were even helped by the guildford sound & lighting hire company , who helped us spend the evening. These are really not only cool specialists in their field, but also cool guys who helped us a lot. We still address all questions about music and lighting equipment only to them!
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