Don't be a Tosser - keep our commons clean campaign

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Don't be a Tosser - keep our commons clean campaign

Postby Community Editor » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:49 am

A community-led ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ campaign has launched, calling on Wandsworth and Tooting Commons revellers to ‘Keep your Commons Clean’!⠀

The campaign, devised by local residents, is encouraging people to stop littering the local commons, with the poster already getting the backing of many local businesses and retailers around the commons, and local support groups and councillors sharing the message on social media. Organisers are now looking for more local businesses and residents to take up the cause.⠀

Most of the retailers and food and drink outlets have been doing something, a large number of people have signed the petition to see more enforcement, and the Council has added more bins, but it isn’t enough.

The campaign hopes to encourage more peer (and parent) pressure too.

Even if it encourages one parent to mention it to a teenage child when they go out or makes one person pick up their own rubbish, or one person ask someone else to do it, then this will have made a difference.

To get involved, download the artwork (either to print as a poster or share on social media) here: ... c8va?dl=0⠀

For more information please email Rhodri Harries on
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