Proposals for renovation of Arding & Hobbs building

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Proposals for renovation of Arding & Hobbs building

Postby Community Editor » Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:35 pm

1000 people responded to the survey of what was important to them regarding the Arding & Hobbs building.

As such, proposals have been made to renovate the historic building which are subject to approval by Wandsworth Council.

In the main, the building's heritage features will be maintained and restored such as the stained glass dome. A new rooftop extension will be built replacing more recent 'ugly' rooftop renovations. The awnings on the outside of the ground floor, which are not original will be removed and the windows restored so they are more in keeping with the original status of the building.

The building will be used for mixed retail and leisure with a possibility of a bar or restaurant at the top with a terrace. The bottom floors will be retail with the upper part of the building transformed into offices. Light wells will be opened up to allow more light to come into the building and dedicated areas for plants and greenery will be made.

On the whole, the proposals appear to be sympathetic to the history of the building and to the needs of Clapham Junction.

You can view the proposals here: ... tation.pdf

A summary is here: ... hobbs/info

What do you think of them? Let us know....

Photo: Illustration of the new Arding & Hobbs building
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