Rent a real Christmas tree, return it and save yet more trees from landfill

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Rent a real Christmas tree, return it and save yet more trees from landfill

Postby Community Editor » Thu Oct 29, 2020 9:06 am


Anyone else tired of stepping over dead trees on the road after Christmas? It alls looks a bit sad doesn't it? Well, how about if you could rent a real tree, return it and have it again next year?


London Christmas Tree Rental was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Mearns and Catherine Loveless. It all started when walking the streets of London in January and weaving between the Christmas tree graveyards that Jonathan decided enough was enough. With 7 million trees going into landfill each year for the sake of 3 weeks of pleasure there must be a better way to do Christmas trees.

So London Christmas Tree Rental was born, offering the opportunity to rent the same tree year on year.

The trees are Norway Spruce. Whilst these days the Nordmann Fir is the more popular type, if you want a pot grown tree that will be able to sustain growing larger than 4ft then the Norway Spruce is best, purely because the Nordmann’s root ball becomes too big to be grown successfully. The Spruce is the traditional tree that you would see in Trafalgar Square, it has a rich coniferous fragrance that depicts Christmas.

How it works


Order a tree and Christmas Tree Rental will deliver to your front door. They encourage you to name the tree so it becomes part of the household!


Your tree will need about a pint of water a day (it comes with a saucer). It prefers to be away from the heat so do not place near a radiator.


They will collect the tree and return it to the farm where it will live for another year. It’s possible for you to have the same tree next year just fill out the name label at the time of return.

For more info or to order, see: https://www.londonchristmastreerental.c ... VJAmdee5Sg

Photo credit: Christmas Tree Rental
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