Shocking State of Clapham Common Playground West Side + Petition

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Shocking State of Clapham Common Playground West Side + Petition

Postby SW11Parents » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:01 am

Over the years we have seen our local playground (Clapham Common Playground West Side) going slowly into disrepair, and the last couple of weeks have been a shocker!
Below are some pictures of the Playground.

I have tried to contact the council but had no response from them. I also tried a Lambeth councillor but they will not look at this as I live on the wrong side of the park!

I have now created a petition on Lambeth Council Site.
Can you please help by signing and sharing:

Here are some items noticed by the parents:
* Equipment is old and outdated.

* Some equipment floor protection has been removed and therefore ground is notoriously muddy.
* A broken swing
* Broken Seesaw - kids keep falling off it.
* Muddy covered areas (causing slipping hasards) - Due to bad irrigation and water mud collecting in same place.
* Varying uneven surface areas (causing tripping hazards).
     - When there is a surface change, these are not at the same level and kids fall over. These changes occur when going from soft to concreted areas.
     - There are pieces of wood sticking out from the ground (may be from old benches or installations).

Here are some areas for improvements:
* Re-instate the sandpit - This was removed and replaced by a circuit for bikes and scooters (when there is a sign at the entrance with "No cycles, skates, scooters or skateboards”). Some kids are being knocked over by children going round the circuit on their bikes.
* Area around Mushrooms had protection mats - These have been removed and now there is only mud. My suggestion is to maybe put artificial grass with soft padding underneath.
* Fix the uneven surfaces - At times there are three different kind of surfaces that meet and it is all uneven.
* Consider having new playground equipment installed.
* More plants & trees needed around the fence.
* Redo the path leading to the playground as it is riddle with holes for toddlers to trip on.
* Add more bins.

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