Tooting Common junior parkrun sadly not ready to return this Sunday

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Tooting Common junior parkrun sadly not ready to return this Sunday

Postby Community Editor » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:19 pm

Message from Tooting Common Junior Parkrun:

As you may be aware, some junior parkruns are returning on the 11th April. Sadly, Tooting is not one of them but we are working very hard to make it happen as soon as possible. Keep your eyes on Twitter and Facebook for more news.

While there is still *no* date for Tooting, there *is* a framework for how parkrun will operate when we do return, we will be carefully balancing the huge health benefits of group exercise with the risks of transmission.

The full framework is here.

Some key points:
1) Please keep as much distance as possible before, during and after the run. Arrive at 8:45 for a prompt 9am start but spread out.
2) The run briefing will be very quick!
3) The warm-up will still take place, and runners will still receive their wristbands (with spacing and hand-sanitising).
4) We’re looking at moving the start line to the top of the avenue, where the course is widest and we can spread out more. We will invite faster runners to the front and slower runners to the back – this may mean some people cross the start line long after the run starts.
5) Our start on the grass is great. parkrun HQ have given events flexibility to make courses longer than 2k if that makes it easier to locate the start and finish areas somewhere spacious. We will look at the finish area.
6) Even after a restart, please note that individual events may be cancelled either due to a ‘local lockdown’ or because conditions on the day (e.g. flooding that makes the paths narrower) make it impossible to arrange an event that fits the new framework. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
7) Strictly no spitting (yuck!) or high-fives (aw…)
8) Please take more care than ever about other park users. If you have to stop to let people past with space to spare, please do so.
9) Please make sure all your contact details on your parkrun profile are up-to-date in the event that you need to be contacted through the test-and-trace system.
10) …and yes, there will be loads of hand sanitiser!

Also, we will *not* be mentioning PBs in our run reports. This isn’t because we’re not impressed with your achievements (we are!) – it’s because parkrun has always been a ‘run, not a race’ and never more so than now. We want people focusing on an enjoyable, safe run rather than posting a fast time. If you start later than other runners, or take more time to safely move around people, this will slow you down – and that’s fine! (also remember it might be a longer course) Please help us make your event fun and sustainable.

Thank you. We miss you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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