Attempted dog theft on Tooting Common

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Attempted dog theft on Tooting Common

Postby Community Editor » Tue May 04, 2021 3:19 pm

Reposted from Nextdoor. Please be aware when out and about with your dog:

Hi everyone, I’m reporting an incident that happened at 5 pm today (3 May).

I was walking my dog on the Emmanuel Road side of Tooting Bec common. He was off the lead and playing with a ball. A gentleman wearing black jogging bottoms, a grey Hoodie and a baseball cap had come from under the bridge near Rastall Avenue with his Cocker spaniel.

My dog went to say hello and they were playing for a minute together. He carried on walking down the side of the woodland quite fast. The cocker spaniel was following him and my dog was also playing and following and I was slightly behind. I then realised he was picking up speed and trying to get my dog to run to his dog where another man was waiting at the end of the woodland.

I recalled my dog and he thankfully came back. Had he not I would not have been fast enough. The man did not look back once.

Really scary experience but just wanted to alert everyone. I have reported this information to the police.
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