No Mow May returns for 2023 in Wandsworth's parks and open spaces

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No Mow May returns for 2023 in Wandsworth's parks and open spaces

Postby Community Editor » Thu Apr 20, 2023 4:38 pm


The national campaign run by the charity Plantlife sees areas of grass left unmown throughout May to encourage pollinators and support the council’s biodiversity strategy.  

Enable, which looks after the parks and open spaces in the borough, will allow selected areas of grass to be left unmown across 31 sites. Most sites will continue to be unmown in June. Local people are also being urged to leave the lawnmower in the shed during May to attract pollinators to their gardens. Read more about the campaign here. 

Judi Gasser, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We love No Mow May and I’m delighted that we’re taking part again this year. It’s part of a range of measures we’re taking to protect and enhance our natural habitats, including creating wildflower meadows in King George’s Park and a pollinator habitat in Putney Park Lane.” 

The areas being left unmowed in Wandsworth are: 
  1. Putney Lower Common cemetery (whole site) 
  2. Christchurch Gardens  
  3. Falcon Park 
  4. Battersea Park 
  5. Wandsworth Park 
  6. King George's Park
  7. Battersea Rise cemetery 
  8. Wandsworth Common 
  9. Tooting Common 
  10. Fountain Rec 
  11. St Nicholas Church 
  12. Tibbetts Corner 
  13. Morden Cemetery 
  14. Fishponds Playing Fields 
  15. King Georges Park 
  16. Putney Vale Cemetery 
  17. Battersea Rise Cemetery 
  18. Putney Park Lane (whole site) 
  19. The Pleasance (whole site) 
  20. Roehampton Playing Fields (3m strip around the edge) 
  21. Fishponds Playing Fields (2m strip around edge) 
  22. Fairacres verge (cut 1m from the path) 
  23. Putney Vale Open space (whole site) 
  24. Tibetts Corner (whole site) 
  25. Garratt Lane Old Buriel Ground (3m strip alongside the wall) 
  26. West Hill Open Space (all three triangles), cut 1m around paths 
  27. Medfield Street Open Space (whole site) 
  28. Sheepcote Lane (whole site) 
  29. Vicarage Gardens (part site) 
  30. Beauchamp Terrace 
  31. Wandsworth Park 
Tooting Common in May 2022
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Re: No Mow May returns for 2023 in Wandsworth's parks and open spaces

Postby wineandcheese » Tue May 23, 2023 7:11 pm

Does anyone else feel like this isn't really happening in Wandsworth, according to the spaces listed above? I've seen a lot of our green spaces being unnecessarily mowed over last couple of weeks, to my surprise. 
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