Antidepressant prescriptions in Wandsworth have soared in three years, NHS data reveals

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Antidepressant prescriptions in Wandsworth have soared in three years, NHS data reveals

Postby Community Editor » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:17 am

Anti-depressant prescriptions have increased in Wandsworth over the last three years, according to NHS data.

GPs have called on the Government to increase the funding for psychotherapist services to rely less on these drugs as more people seek help for mental health problems.

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Dangerous man in Battersea area

Postby kvm678 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:48 pm

This 52 year old man is called Alec Hala, is of Russian origin who is living in the block of flats right next to London House restaurant facing the river near Battersea Square. He has been causing chaos all over Battersea for sometime now.
In addition to placing poison for dogs near St Mary's Church Battersea he also used to hit women on the back of their necks as he was passing them by on the street.
He tends to ride an old bicycle and has a guitar case on his back. He normally wears his long grey hair out and with a black bandana around his forehead. (Please see his photos below)
On Monday 17th September 2018, he deliberately laid down on the road in Battersea Square in front of 170 bus refusing to move and falsely claiming that the bus hit him. The police had to be called in order to move him away from the road. This man is a danger to society and should be locked up either in prison or in a mental health institution as he is making Battersea and unsafe place for its residents.