Earlsfield's former Airfix factory could get 14-storey block of flats

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Earlsfield's former Airfix factory could get 14-storey block of flats

Postby Community Editor » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:33 am

Hundreds of homes could be built in an Earlsfield industrial estate if the council agrees to developers’ plans.

Riverside Business Park, off Garratt Lane, would be redeveloped to improve the space for businesses, but plans also include building 353 homes in blocks up to 14 storeys high.All existing buildings would be demolished to make way for the new ones.

The site was formerly home to the Airfix and Columbia Gramophone factories, and currently includes London’s biggest trampoline park.

Site owners Workspace Management Ltd want to restore access to King George’s Park, which sits on the other side of the River Wandle and is currently hard to get to from Earlsfield.

The homes would be built just short of the riverside in order to create a path along the bank.Industrial buildings would make up the rest of the site on the side closer to Garratt Lane.

Plans include 35 per cent of all habitable rooms being classed as "affordable" - it is not immediately clear what the percentage would be in terms of the numbers of homes.

Several public comments have been submitted to Wandsworth Council, all objecting to the plans. The most common issue people have is the height of the largest building.

Source: https://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/we ... d-15378268
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Re: Earlsfield's former Airfix factory could get 14-storey block of flats

Postby windmill26 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:43 pm

We got the consultation letter last week.No objection from us or any of ours neighbours,in fact the new development is welcome and needed.This comment about the loss of Flip Out really highlight how out of touch some residents are "Another objector even argues the closure of Flip Out (the trampoline park) could lead to stabbings, with children and teenagers left with less to do after school". Considering the entrance fee is quite pricey and it is a treat for the average family I don't think we are going to be facing any more issues than we are already having! What I would like to see is making the free skate park bigger and with more facilities and classes on offer for the kids that are not into bikes or skateboarding.Make the developers pay for it!
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