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Our new forum #Lockdownliving

Postby Annabel (admin) » Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:19 pm

Like all of you, we at NappyValleyNet have been following the news, surfing the net and imagining what kind of shape this new and slightly strange lifestyle will take for the next few weeks.  

Easter holidays loom, but it's not going to be Easter as any of us know it. Now that schools are shutting, parents have plenty to grapple with. Not just managing looking after them, but how do we talk to our children about coronavirus? What do we do if we think we've got it? How best to live this new limited life?  

We've gathered together a collection of links which we hope you might find helpful or fun. Dip in from time to time, pick and choose whatever interests you, whether it's health advice you're after, top tips on what to watch on television or some new and innovative ways to exercise our hearts and minds.  

We’d like to keep this new #Lockdownliving forum dedicated to online activities and social media initiatives going on while we all work through this new normal together. It’s a great place to share and to access ideas and links that many of us will find helpful.  

At the same time, our Local News forum will continue spreading the word about local businesses, charities and on-the-ground initiatives. 

#Lockdownliving will grow as our situation continues to evolve on a daily basis and lots of clever people keep coming up with bright ideas. We'll keep adding and sharing, and if you have any great items you'd like to suggest, feel free to add them here. 

Wishing you and yours stay well,

Annabel x
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Re: Our new forum #Lockdownliving

Postby Feastforfamine » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:08 am

Hi All,

As we live through these uncertain times, I wanted to help those of you in lockdown, staying at home and self-isolating to find easy and nutritious ways to keep cooking without having to make a trip to the supermarket or local shop until it’s really necessary or spend hours week on week in an online shopping queue.

Last year I set myself a task of creating new dishes from around the world for 52 weeks. Through this experience I gained a huge insight to the different ingredients and types of cooking used throughout the world especially in countries that do not have access to the abundance of ingredients that many of us have in the Western world. My family and I have been on lockdown for two weeks so far and I am already finding that I am able to use the information gathered last year to better prepare for cooking within limits.

So as of now I will re-share some of my old recipes and create new ones, which you can find here:


Focussing on making the most of what you already have in your store cupboard, freezers and other staples that hopefully you will have at home, I have also put together a list of products and ingredients you might want to add to your next shop. You may notice that this does not include that many fresh products as these need replenishing more often.
This is not a definitive list and should be used only as a guide to help you prepare for the weeks ahead…So here goes:

Fresh Produce
Bread (to then be frozen and used as needed)
Cream cheese
Cheeses like parmesan and strong cheddar
Butter or spread
Bananas (can be peeled, frozen and added to smoothies)
Frozen fruits like berries
Frozen veg like peas and butternut squash (great for tagines)
Fish fingers (of course!)

Store Cupboard
Porridge Oats (can also be used to make flapjacks)
Long life milk/Oat milk or alternatives
Pasta any type
Rice any type
Coconut milk
Baked beans
Other various types of beans
Lentils (dried goes further than canned)
Tinned tomatoes
Flour self-raising, bread flour (can be used as pizza bases)
Baking Powder
Tomato puree
Jelly cubes
Stock cubes
Dried herbs and spices
Honey or syrup
Curry paste
Olive oil/Sun flower oil
Peanut butter
Tinned Tuna
Mustards like wholegrain and Dijon
Sweet chilli sauce
Soy Sauce
Some little extras
Dried fruits
Nuts to add crunch, for baking and stir fries.

Good Luck x
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Rainbows, books & sharing a love is reading

Postby greyingmum » Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:38 pm

🌈Lovely downloadable colour-in poster here from children’s literacy charity Coram Beanstalk!

Let your children share their love of reading with neighbours by colouring in the rainbow and the cover of the book they’re reading - and then display in your windows.

A way to share a little joy in your neighbourhood whilst reminding everyone to #StayHome and #ProtectTheNHS 🙏🏼♥️🌈


https://www.beanstalkcharity.org.uk/new ... of-reading
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