Keeping young minds busy - some great websites

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Keeping young minds busy - some great websites

Postby charlotte_admin » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:39 pm

The raft of websites out there dedicated to education and engaging young minds is mind-boggling.

Here are just a few suggestions in case you're looking for any diversions and inspiration in the coming weeks:

The brilliant BBC Bitesize website is changing to bring us daily content that supports children and families now that schools have closed (read more)

CBeebies Radio has lots of fun listening activities for young ones (read more)

London's Little Thinkers is full of bright ideas (read more)

Oxford Owl 'helps your child learn' with a free ebook library, phonics and maths (read more) 

Nature Detectives is full of fun for outdoor exploration, be it in the garden or on the commons (read more) 

National Geographic Kids has great activities and quizzes for younger children (read more) 

Big History Project is aimed at older children, exploring all aspects of our past with fantastic visuals and engaging explanations (read more) 

World Geography Games will have them building their general world knowledge. Future pub quizzes, be warned! (read more) 

Duolingo has free language learning available on web or app (read more) 

Blockly teaches computer programming skills (read more) 

Tinkercad is for fun 3D design, electronics and coding (read more)

TED-Ed has an amazing range of educational videos and invites you to 'feed your child's curiosity' (and our own!) (read more) 

That's it for now! 

More soon...(please do share any more great sites that you come across or already use) 

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