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Practical Advice

Postby chorister » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:18 pm

A couple of bits of information which may be useful:

- According to Northcote Pharmacy, if you are collecting a prescription for someone else you will need their name, full address and probably date of birth, though the pharmacy may waive the DOB.

- Based on our experience of panic buying so far (Snicker bars, and bird seed for our largish flock of south London sparrows), one sensible thing with non perishables or long life products not requiring refrigeration is to get them into the house as carefully as possible and quarantine them (including packaging) ie stick them somewhere out of the way for 72 hours and don't touch them during that period – the virus almost certainly won’t live outside a human host beyond 72 hours. And after putting them in quarantine, wash your hands. 
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