Mum-Dance from home

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Mum-Dance from home

Postby charlotte_admin » Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:20 am

The brilliant Mum-Dance is offering Home Workouts while we're all staying put for a while:

It’s the simple and effective 80’s dance fitness workout to burn calories and stay fit and happy. Get individual routines, a whole class or a monthly subscription, the power is in your hands. Push back the table and chairs, get your leotard on and let’s do Fame, Pump up the Jam, Vogue, MC Hammer and more!!

Ps. The NappyValleyNet team even found free 'Singalonga Videos' on the Mum-Dance website. A whole lot of fun and a whole new level on the 'how to embarrass/delight your children when there's nobody else around' scale. Turn up the volume..:D  

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