Commission a portrait of your home and raise money for Critical NHS

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Commission a portrait of your home and raise money for Critical NHS

Postby Community Editor » Fri May 29, 2020 8:13 am


Commission a sketch of your lockdown home by professional illustrator, Erin Rose for just £24 and she will donate half the proceeds to Critical NHS.

Erin has spent much of lockdown sketching local homes with their gorgeous rainbow tributes. Her and her son, Albie
started a lockdown letterbox surprise project where Erin sketched a home that Albie picked and then dropped the sketch through the letterbox.

Erin said, “Everyday during lockdown we would go for our daily permitted walk as a family, and my little boy Albie who is 4, loved spotting all the rainbows in people’s windows, hoping they might be his little nursery friends’ creations. It really cheered him up.

One day we stumbled across an amazing rainbow floral display on a window sill and when we got home I decided to quickly sketch it (I illustrate portraits from photographs for a living) and the next day popped it through their letterbox as a way of saying ‘thanks for making us smile with your flowers.’ I got such a lovely reaction from the family (who, it turned out, owned a floral business and had already donated 1500 bouquets of flowers to our local SW London NHS hospital staff).

I decided to carry on ‘paying it forward’. Plus, it gave Albie and I something to look forward to during lockdown.🌈

⁣Thank you, Erin and Albie for spreading so much kindness…

For more info or to commission a house portrait, visit: ... kdown-home
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