Mumsitting in SW18?

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Mumsitting in SW18?

Postby mrsbee » Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:34 pm

Hi there

I don't know if this is a useful idea or not, but was visiting a mum-friend the other day who needed to put together some IKEA furniture - and basically I kept the kids amused, while she went to and fro, carrying stuff about and messing around with screws and washers and all the little bits you don't want small kids to get into.

This friend doesn't live locally, but it occurred to me that if there are any mums nearby who fancy a kind of playdate plus - where you can potter and get some things done (if you don't mind coming by and doing the same for me another day), that might be handy. I'm not talking about leaving the house - just a bit of breathing space to do stuff that's hard when you have kids, but you're too knackered to face when they're in bed.

If I'm speaking your language, then please get in touch!

About me: I'm a 37 year-old mum-of-two (16 months and 3 years), living a stone's throw from St Anne's Hill/Earlsfield Rd roundabout. My kids are reasonably civilised (most of the time) and get on with all age groups.

Send me a reply if you're interested or email me at Happy to have you over here for a 'normal' playdate first, so you can meet the team.

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Re: Mumsitting in SW18?

Postby New to Earlsfield » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:36 pm

Just saw this post, am most interested. I have a four year old and one year old and live in Earlsfield. Let me know if you are still keen!
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