Your House Elf wants to hear from you!

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Your House Elf wants to hear from you!

Postby House Elf » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:20 pm

Your local House Elf!

My name is Jake and I run my own home concierge company called House Elf. We help people with ANY job/chore that needs to be done in their home. Got a million jobs to do, but no time? Get yourself a House Elf! Does the dog need walking, but no time? Get yourself a House Elf! Errand-running, house cleaning, weekly shopping done? Get yourself a House Elf! Some of the other services we provide are:

1. Car trips for shopping
2. Van trips to IKEA, B&Q, etc
3. Gardening
4. Cupcake making!
5. Plus, loads more...........!

We started House Elf to give you your time back. For every time you've heard yourself saying 'There aren't enough hours in the day' or had to wait in between 9am-6pm for the BT man to come. All those worries can now be a thing of the past. Having your own fabulous little House Elf can give you back your precious time and freedom! Leaving you free to concentrate fully on a little bit of Me Time! Yay!

I am local to Wandsworth (In Balham) and have many loyal, regular clients in Wandsworth already. I am SO proud of living here that I have partnerships with the most gorgeous and fabulous independent businesses in Balham - incase you wanted us to organise a children's birthday party, adult birthday party, hen do's, etc (Yes, we do that too!)

We are constantly looking to improve our services and we would love to hear from you! Do you have a regular job that causes you problems? Have we not suggested a service that you would LOVE for us cater for? Our website is and our phone number is 020 8265 8705.

Look forward to having a good ol' chat with you!


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