Why using a travel advisor is more important than ever

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Why using a travel advisor is more important than ever

Postby MarynaTravelMatters » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:38 am

The travel landscape is forever changing - and now even more so than ever.  Last year has been tough for many, but we are still here to help you every step of the way. We really enjoy putting your dream holidays together and truly believe that there was no better time to book with a travel agent for your peace of mind. We are the ones keeping on top of all your travel arrangements - be it the updates on travel corridors, entry requirements or any schedule changes your booking might experience. Your booking is secure with us and your money is safe - all our holidays are protected under the holiday package regulations, meaning that if your holiday can't go ahead due to COVID restrictions you will have a chance to either postpone your holiday or get a refund. 

  We care for our clients. Unlike bigger online booking platforms, we are always on hand and you do not need to hold for hours on end to talk to a human being. Travel advisors have taken on a much more complex role these days and provide a multitude of services - we make your travel dreams come true, provide an expert concierge service, and fix any issue that may arise. And more importantly we know you and your families and provide personalised service.  Most of the time booking with a travel advisor costs the same as booking direct - and often we have access to exclusive deals not available to direct clients. We have personal relationships with hoteliers around the world. We will get you VIPed, for us you are not just a number.

 It is important to bear in mind that these advantages are not only reserved for high end clients. We do not just know what the best hotel is, we know what the best hotel is for you and your budget and can help you find the right fit, saving a lot of precious time in the process. Our combined destination knowledge is unparalleled. It is a one stop shop for any occasion - a honeymoon, family holiday, bucket list adventure or a special event that requires meticulous planning. We are presenting you with the gift of “experiential travel,” suggesting places, guides and experiences that most people would never have imagined in the first place.

So we have a favour to ask - consider us when booking your next holiday. You’re supporting a small business, and small businesses are the heart and soul of your community.
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Re: Why using a travel advisor is more important than ever

Postby ewartegner » Thu Feb 17, 2022 11:39 am

Thank you for the helpful information. I agree with you about the quarantine, man. But I'm sick of sitting at home, and I want to go somewhere. I can't sit in one place, and I want to sit somewhere in Namibia
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