I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

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I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

Postby susies » Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:02 pm

Hi all,

firstly, thank you So much for those that read this please for help!

I have a one year old baby and am back at work full time and feeling totally exhausted - must be due to the fact that I have not had a holiday in over 2 years and so was wondering whether anyone had been to the following places and whether they would recommend. ( I only have around £2K to budget for 1 week in mid Oct, so not half term luckily!)

The Brief:
1. Sunny somewhere in the 20's
2. must have a creche ( I need the odd break but want my DD to be entertained and cared for)
3. Not more than 5 hours flight from London
4. Family friendly obvs!!
5. not too big, more boutiquey feel if possible
6. Heated pool would be a plus as DD loves a splash!

I was wondering whether anyone had been to:

1. The Martinhal ( will it be warm enough in Oct and also is it best to wait till my DD is a bit older to make more use of the facilities?)
2. The Ammos in Crete
3. Domes of Elounda, Crete
4. Daios Cove, Crete
5. The Almyra, Cyrpus

At the moment, I am leaning to Domes of Elounda as it has a one bed suite, so space for the two of us plus baby in sep area, but I have read reviews that the creche is not that well thought out or that they have daily activities planned which is a shame.

Many many thanks in advance for anyone that can help my exhausted mind pick somewhere to go!

Thanks :lol:
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Re: I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

Postby Tpa » Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:34 pm

There's a lovely mum on here who runs a travel blog called From The Poolside and she can probably help. I see her post with some good ideas on here. Her user name is Monaco - www.fromthepoolside.com

Good luck!
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Re: I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

Postby meldoublew » Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:47 pm

I can really recommend Martinhal, I have not been to the other ones on your list, but I have been twice now to Martinhal. I went when my daughter was 15 months and again this year when she was nearly 2,5 years old and actually she liked the creche a lot there the first time around, so much that after our return I signed her up for a nursery here in London once a week. Martinhal do have deals where you do not have to pay for the creche, it depends on when you go, check their website. It is also quite flexible with the slots you book, they are I think from 9.30-11.30 or then in the afternoon again.. You can pick and choose. The great thing about Martinhal is also that they have a free babysitter in a special play corner in the restaurant, so that you can have your lunch/dinner while its still hot. They also have an indoor pool with slides and lots of toys, you don't need to bring anything. Weather in October might not be mid 20s, I don't know really, I guess its difficult to predict but it usually is quite windy there cause its on the Atlantic but its a fantastic location and if you go outside the school holidays you might have the huge beach pretty much to yourself. I usually booked it through babyfriendlyboltholes (I called them up, check their website) - they charge the same as the hotel itself but you get a free toy box for your stay so you don't have to bring lots of toys with you. Any more info needed let me know. Enjoy!!!
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Re: I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

Postby monaco » Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:02 pm

Thank you ppasha27 for the lovely compliment.

I think that any boutiquey hotel won't have a creche as it requires a certain number of guests to justify the hiring of specialised staff. So your choices are either to go with a boutiquey hotel and book a babysitter for a few hours when you need it (most of them will have that) or go to a bigger place.

But bigger place doesn't always mean tacky decor so in terms of finding places that have heated pool, creche, lovely decor, etc.. you are on the right tracks for your choices;

I haven't been to the hotels you listed but in addition to the comment made by the user above, here is another one on a blog for families
http://www.jetlagandmayhem.com/destinat ... martinhal/

I mentioned in a previous post that Borgo Egnazia (Italy, Puglia) could be an option. They have a heated pool and a creche.

I was trying to see if that hotel in Marbella had a creche but can't see it on their site. Might be worth calling them as given the amazing kids'club they have, they might have thought of younger ones too.

For a change, there is also this nice place in Tuscany (but close to the coast) with a pool reserved to little ones.

I suppose that Dubai/Oman might have places good for you but unsure if they would fit in the budget and most of them would be big resorts;

Good luck !
For stylish family holiday ideas in hotels and villas with pools, visit https://fromthepoolside.com
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Re: I have not had a holiday for over 2 yrs - Help please!

Postby balhamnewmum » Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:46 pm

hi there, another option is sani beach club hotel in greece - we went with my 6 month old and 2 year old at the time (couple of years ago) and it was fantastic - really really recommend. i think also they do quite good deals in october if you look at the family website quovadis or even sometimes British Airways have some deals - for the 3 of you you can definitely be in a one bed suite - take the full board option as there is a dine around programme and it also has a creche. Domes of Elounda is also amazing, bit more pricey though i think and note sure if there is a creche there but another option for around there is the Elounda Mare - same kind of area and they have again a dine around option and a creche.
Good luck looking and hope you manage to get some time away!
On another note
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