Period Got Power - a workshop every woman should attend.

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Period Got Power - a workshop every woman should attend.

Postby BeattitudeFitness » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:35 pm

This is an unmissable workshop...

Not only are you going to fully understand how your menstrual cycle is such a powerful external tool to your own health, but you are going to know exactly how to utilise it to your advantage in every way; energy, weight management, strength and fitness training.

It's not difficult, complicated and doesn't cost you a penny to make the changes that are taught to you within this workshop.


"We pay attention to just 25% of our menstrual cycle; the bleeding, which is often seen as the negative side of the menstrual cycle. But, if we actually look at the other 75% of it, we'll find all the answers to the questions about our mood, energy, training and weight management and we'll see just how much of a powerful tool our menstrual cycle is to getting what we want from our bodies!"
Helen Keeble, WHP


😔 Sick of painful periods, bloating and ovulation pains?
We uncover the science behind why these happen and the three crazily simple and effective things you can eat, drink and do with your training that WILL change these.

😔 Find yourself lacking in energy in the gym sometimes?
There is so much behind this. Did you know that focussing on strength training at certain times in your cycle and more relaxing workouts can actually give you MORE results?! 100% true. So many women think they have to go all out, all the time. Nope, we will show you how to pick your workouts, why and how this will change your life and results.

😔 Exercising but getting stuck with your weight?
We also cover this, because your metabolism slightly changes throughout the month, plus you're probably pushing yourself too much at the wrong times. When you learn about your hormones you'll see how you can make it more effective.

At the end of this workshop you are going to have had a complete overhaul of your relationship with your menstrual cycle. You will walk away with a 4 week overview of your own menstrual cycle, and how to train and eat to benefit you.


▶️ Get clear on your menstrual cycle, and how you can use this to your advantage in every way
▶️ Get a 4 week guide on what training you should be focussing on and why
▶️ Overhaul negative misunderstandings about your menstrual cycle, bloating and pain can actually be decreased so easily!
▶️ Get a 4 week guide to eating and your metabolism
▶️ Decrease menstrual pain and inflammation with these three unbelievably simple foods, tips and learn why
▶️ Taken by one of the leading women's health physio Helen Keeble
▶️ Walk away with a goodie back and the simplest training and food plan you will ever have received!

🌟It's not all about go hard or go home.
🌟Knowledge is power
🌟Science is key
🌟Knowing how to individualised it to you is priceless.

Helen Keeble; leading women's health physio in sport
Siobhan Middleton: women's health and fitness specialist

Date: 27th June
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Cost: £30
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