Kidchen - healthy nutritious meals for kids

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Kidchen - healthy nutritious meals for kids

Postby sarahedwards85 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and last year I started my own business called Kidchen. We create handmade meals using the best organic produce, meat and sustainably caught fish - suitable for kids aged 6 months to 4 years. We offer ‘first tastes’ fruit and vegetable purées to get tots started on their food journey before moving them onto traditional family favourites and other exciting dishes rooted in cultures from around the world.

The inspiration behind Kidchen came as a result of my passion for creating exciting and nutritious food my daughters. My passion inspired my best friend Victoria and together we went on a mission of discovery to see what was available out there for parents who were struggling to create interesting, nutrient dense dishes during their already packed days.

We found that most of the ‘convenient’ options on the supermarket shelves are heat pasteurised for preservation. This leads to dishes that lack smell and flavour and often the goodness has been sapped out of the dishes during the process. Many of the ‘convenient’ foods are also puréed and mushed and from our research children should be moving onto textures very early in their food journey. For that reason our dishes for children from 7 months all the way up to 4 years are very similar.

Meat and fish are introduced early, alongside the veg, grains and pulses. We firmly believe that food should resemble the ingredients that make it up and kids should be making that association very early on. This is how we believe you’ll set the foundations for a good eater.

We are constantly updating our menus so that we continue to offer new taste experiences and flavours to keep kid interested and ensure parents are growing great little eaters.
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