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Postby lucyhs » Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:22 pm

I am wondering if someone could best advise me, 
I have recently been to see an expensive Harley Street horomone specialist doctor ( in order to try to cure my PMT!), 
To cut a story short, she took a wide range of blood tests & it turned out that I have extremely high estrogen levels.  (aged 39,) 
The cure for this, is she has prescribed a 200mg progesterone lozenge (synthetic) medication in order to apparently counter balance things out- taken  daily.
In fairness I have only been taking it for 9 days – HOWEVER, I feel  I have gained weight and that my boobs feel like a balloon..
At this moment of time- I frankly feel that I would rather put up with my pmt – which lets be honest only lasts about 4 days.. and live with the imbalance rather than feeling like death - and hoping/ waiting for this levelling to work out…or perhaps I am being too inpatient... 
A friend had said that she would not go near synthetic hormones…!
I am supposed to take this for 2 months and then do a review with the specialist doctor….
What would you do ? Carry on sticking it out and see if things change
OR – stop it now and hope that your body gets back to how it was and find a herbalist/alternative route...…
I did spend about £700 on it – but surely it is all about wanting to feel better and I feel like **** since starting on this medication! 
I would be grateful for any comments!  x
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Postby Red1981 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:34 pm


I get dreadful PMT, full on rage for a week before period is due. The only thing that ive found that truly helped was change in diet, supplements and accupuncture twice a month - have you considered accupuncture?
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Postby BeattitudeFitness » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:00 pm

Hello :)

I wonder whether you might be interested in coming to our workshop next week it is all about understanding HOW to manage your cycle and also UNDERSTANDING your hormones. It's great getting support and help, but it may help to get some background on how you can work around the cycle and what effect the hormones have on your body. 

Progesterone can effect your body by increasing water retention (hence why in the first and last trimester of pregnancy when your hormones are high you gain more water tension - and also during specific times of your cycle).

Helen is a very experience women's health physiotherapist in sport and you can ask her any questions and get them answered in relation to weight gain, bloated-ness and so on. 

The link to the workshop is here: http://www.beattitude.club/menstrual-cy ... -training/

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