Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture - A Review

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Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture - A Review

Postby Clare (Admin) » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:46 pm

A review of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Firstly, can I just say don’t be put off because it’s acupuncture and needles!  This was totally pain free and the treatment really worked for me.   I will definitely being doing this again.  Intrigued, then read on: 

On my occasional quest for non-invasive tweakments that deliver a better, more rested, lifted and glowing version of me I was really intrigued to read about cosmetic facial acupuncture in the ‘glossies’ and how it is a natural, holistic alternative to injectables and fillers.  I follow the fab @ashleygraham on Instagram and so was also interested to see her ‘well-aging acupuncture’ posts back in April.   When Ross Farmer of The Secret Face Clinic got in touch with NappyValleyNet to introduce facial acupuncture I was ready to give it a go particularly as he offers a new home visit service across South West London.  It’s perfect for fitting in around busy family/working life and is a real time saver. 

Ross arrived on time with a massage table and we set up in my sitting room as the light was better than my north facing kitchen.  I’d already double cleansed but Ross also had face wipes.  I settled myself on the table and Ross explained that he would start with the circumference of my face to provide overall tension and firmness and then more needles would be inserted into my fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyebrows, cheek bones, crows-feet, mouth to chin lines either side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. 

I have a stubborn patch on psoriasis on my forehead just above my right eye.  It’s usually hidden by my fringe.  Ross circled this area (circling the dragon) to promote the body’s natural healing process.  There I was happily chatting away when Ross mentioned that he had already applied a considerable number of the ultra-fine, sterile, single use needles.  I held up my phone for a selfie and was astonished at the number of needles in my face – none of which I felt!  My pin cushions moment – see pics below.

Funnily enough, removing the needles takes longer than putting them in.  This is down to the faces blood supply and so careful management of the needles and expert, gentle pressure is needed to ensure there is no bruising.  The treatment ended with a gorgeous, moisturising facemask (on this occasion Garnier SkinActive Mositure Bomb) combined with some pampering jade rollering to encourage absorption and rejuvenation.

The effect of the facial acupuncture was subtle but noticeable immediately.  My face was tighter and firmer, lines less deep, softer and less obvious giving an overall lift.  I also had a glow – the husband said radiance like I’d had had some really lovely news.   The lift effect lasted for a good 5 days but the healthy glow lasted much longer – a good month.  I think this must been down to the increase in blood flow, cell renewal and the increase in collagen plumping up my skin.  A really unexpected benefit, and the one I’m almost the most delighted with, is that my troublesome patch of psoriasis has markedly improved and reduced.  That’s more than any over the counter or prescription cream has achieved in several years!

Did it soften lines and wrinkles? Did it tighten and lift?  Did the collagen plump? Yes, yes and yes - absolutely it did and was totally pain free.   I had one teeny tiny, very faint bruise that only I could see and it disappeared instantly under a sheer slick of @TrinnyLondon BFF.   Of course the results of facial acupuncture don’t last nearly as long as botox and fillers but Ross pointed out that the effects are not only immediate but also cumulative.   

What I particularly liked about this treatment was that it enhanced my natural look using the body’s natural rejuvenating abilities and there was no down time or recovery period.  I can completely understand why clients schedule a treatment before going out out as they can enjoy the immediate effects and the natural glow. 

I had the full one hour Gold Package but Ross also offers an Express option which is great for a quick boost when you are short of time.  There’s also the top of the range Platinum Package which includes the neck.  I will definitely be booking myself in come September having (hopefully) survived the Summer holiday juggle and then I’m contemplating another session to prep for the Christmas party season.

Every now and then Team NappyValleyNet is lucky enough to be invited to try out all sorts of local events, products and services from local independents.  In the interests of transparency this was a gifted treatment by Ross Farmer of The Secret Face Clinic.  However, my views are my own and this really did work.  The Gold Treatment costs £190.00.

Ross Farmer has a physio and NHS manager background and has quietly built his facial cosmetic acupuncture business over the last 11 years via personal recommendation.  He started off in 2008 with American model clients at London fashion week and with demand increasing year on year he opened The Secret Face Clinic in Camberwell in 2017.  With many clients in South West London, Ross launched the at home service this year.  To find our more: 
Tel:  020 3151 9255 
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