Personal Training in Clapham

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Personal Training in Clapham

Postby AmyClapham » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:03 pm

Personal Training in Clapham 
Ladies if you are wanting to look and feel great, look no further....
My name is Amy Knipe I am a Personal Trainer in Clapham and my goal is to help you get fit!!
Maybe you want to lose a few pounds? Maybe you want to smooth out some lumps or bumps, or do you just want to get fitter? Do you want more energy, plus do you want feel better about yourself?
My training programme is challenging, fun, and super-effective. I will have you looking and feeling great in no time, no matter what shape you’re in right now.
I train all my clients with passion, confidence and high energy, you will never be bored in one of my sessions! I always mix my sessions up keeping them fresh and new, incorporating boxing, weight training, running, Kettle Bells, Vipr work, TRX, and much more, to always keep you motivated!
I guarantee you will not only look and feel amazing, you will leave your session feeling invigorated, re-energised and alive!! 

I am fully pre and post natal qualified plus you can bring your baby along to your session.
So let me help you feel great and look fantastic. 

Give me a call ladies or drop me an email and we can arrange a session. 
Best Wishes

Amy Knipe
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