Can anyone relate to feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

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Can anyone relate to feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Postby TDH78 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 10:37 am


I just wanted to open up a conversation around this topic as I think it's a good one to talk about.

I've come from a background of not coping well with my stress. I have 2 boys - 11 and 3 - and I take care of them on my own, have a full-time job, a business on the side and take care of the home and life admin, and also write novels, and it's basically a lot!
I often got so overwhelmed, that I felt like I would crack, fall apart, run down the street screaming "I can't do thiiiis!!"...and I would always be losing it with the boys, because I just didn't know how to manage my stress. I felt really low, and sometimes couldn't get out of bed at the weekends, except to feed the kids!

After years of struggling I finally found a way to get past that now, and can cope better.

Just wondered if anyone else could relate, and I wanted to create a space for people to talk about it...and consider how to overcome these feelings, in order to cope better.

Look forward to a chat. 🙂
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