Tessa Bali_Clinical Hypnotherapist: Wednesday Evening Online Group Hypnosis Sessions 8.15pm GMT

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Tessa Bali_Clinical Hypnotherapist: Wednesday Evening Online Group Hypnosis Sessions 8.15pm GMT

Postby TessaBali » Tue Aug 04, 2020 6:13 pm

Clinical Hypnotherapist Tessa Bali Holistic runs Wednesday Evening Online Group Hypnosis Sessions via zoom, at 8.15pm (GMT).

Standard drop-in: £6-12 (+tip option).
– Contributions welcome & not expected –

In collaboration with Light Centre, there is a lovely community building, with attendees saying they appreciate the benefits of time spent on themselves, their relaxation and healing. Many are sleeping much better and have been inspired in many other ways (see reviews below & on Tessa's website.) One attendee has decided to study Clinical Hypnotherapy 💗

The subject is announced fortnightly on Tessa Bali Holistic's Facebook page: @tessabalilomilomi

Sessions continue on a fortnightly basis 🦋

Note, Clinical Hypnotherapy 1:1 Sessions differ from “group online hypnosis” as they are tailored, often written for the client specifically, whereas the latter is aimed at the collective group wellbeing.

I look forward to working with you,
 I have so many dreams now, and I remember them. Its probably uncluttering. It’s like I’ve got lots of cupboards in my mind and the doors are all shut. Maybe the dreams are opening the doors, like having a Spring-clean.
— Wednesday Evening Group Online Hypnosis Attendee: "Actualise your Dreams. Take Responsibility for your Goals & your Life Potential" Session dated 29 July 2020
I could feel a lot of crud just dissipating. I felt the hole (that disposed of past negative emotions), closed all by itself – on the stuff that builds up over time ... being washed away. That was really very pleasant actually. It was lovely. Thank you. I feel really quite alive for this time on a Tuesday evening which his quite unusual, especially lately. I’m going to let it sink in.
— Clinical Hypnotherapy Workshop Attendee – The Grey Room Technique.
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