Infrared Sauna

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Infrared Sauna

Postby DivineB » Sun Sep 06, 2020 11:11 am

You can book infrared Sauna for upto two people

Health Benefits of Sauna are boosting immune system because of heat shock proteins, recommended for anyone with any kind of health condition and the infrared sauna is generally safer than other saunas.

Please get advise from Doctor if you have serious health conditions.

I am an integrated health coach who works with people with health conditions such autoimmune, cancer, diabetes. I used to have a serious health condition but after changing my diet/lifestyle and purchasing sauna I am in my best health ( nearly 40) it will also help if you suffer from anxiety.

It will detox your body and leave you rejuvenated

No limit to amount of sessions you can.
I use it daily and I have clients who use it 2/3 times.

I am based in Wandsworth. I recognise where most gyms aren’t opening there saunas to Coronavirus and the amount of stress that this virus is causing us. Sauna is a way of destressing the body

Let’s face it, we all feel good after a sweaty session

I am also a massage therapist and can combine massage with Sauna but running a very limited clinic at moment.

Never has there been a time for us to care of our health. It truly is our wealth.

Learn more about health benefits and book sauna below.

The sauna is cleaned after each session
All I ask is that you bring your own towels.
At least one to sit on, one to wipe yourself down.
Shower before coming if possible.
Don’t book if you show any signs of coronavirus

Health Benefits ... ared-sauna

Book via Treatwell ... ty-london/

Or call/text 07858909091

I work from home so always around and sauna is available until 10pm at night
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Re: Infrared Sauna

Postby Vaider » Fri Apr 16, 2021 11:19 pm

I honestly think that sauna is always a good idea, but not during the pandemic. I know that some might say that the immune system goes up thanks to sauna, but I believe that we need to be cautious until everybody gets the vaccine. When covid is nothing, but a story I will be the first one in line to go to a infrared sauna. I know how good it is for our body to receive some infrared light ( see for yourself if you don't believe me) I hope that your business will survive this harsh times and that very soon it will start bringing you profits!
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