Review of Dance Cardio at Off The Rails

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Review of Dance Cardio at Off The Rails

Postby Community Editor » Tue Jun 22, 2021 2:40 pm

Last Saturday morning I donned my lycra, minus the leg warmers, in order to strut my stuff at a Dance Cardio class at the Off The Rails’ studio in Clapham Junction.

Off The Rails’ studio is handily located under the arches of Clapham Junction Station, if you are commuting to the class by train, or in my case a few minutes walk from Asda’s car park!

It was so nice to be back in a fitness studio seeing an instructor in real life; rather than partaking in a Zoom class in my front room, which on a Saturday morning would have resulted in my children being highly amused by my lack of coordination and bright red face! Anyway, fear not about any lack of coordination; this is not Strictly with someone judging your every move. In fact Missie, the Founder and Director of Off The Rails who was taking the class, reassured me before the class started that all she is interested in is that you just keep on moving rather than necessarily getting all of the moves right. OK, that I can do!

So, the last time I took part in any kind of class like this was a Body Attack class circa 2010, which was before having my children. Thankfully in eleven years, and two children later, not all coordination and fitness has totally left my body and I was able to keep on moving, as requested, for the full 45 minute class, even if it wasn’t visually pleasing to watch!

The Dance Cardio class began with the essential warmup stretch before embarking on simple, short routines, to a range of uplifting music tracks, which are broken down and repeated for even a dance novice like me to follow and keep up with. The music was quite an eclectic mix; from Rita Ora to Sean Paul and S Club 7 to B*Witched, with even a bit of the Macarena thrown in at one point!

Such a great way to start a Saturday morning. I left the class feeling totally energised, with slightly achy calf muscles, but with a great sense of achievement, and that’s all before 11am on a Saturday!

If getting to the studio is a problem then you can also join in the class via Zoom, if you don’t have judgy people at home like I do that is!

Check out Off The Rails timetable as there is a whole range of different classes on offer across the week. Might have to give the Rebounce class a go myself which is basically bouncing on trampoline for 45 minutes in a choreographed way!

Oh and NappyValleyNet followers can get 50% off your first studio class. Just enter the code: OTRNVN50 at checkout when booking.
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