Help For The Woman Affected By PCOS

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Help For The Woman Affected By PCOS

Postby jimisayo » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:30 pm

Free Help For The Woman Affected By PCOS

If you or someone you know has been struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, you're Invited to this very helpful online event:

May name is Jimi and for the third year, I've organised an online summit for PCOS.

Could PCOS be slowing you down without you even knowing what's making you feel like a physical and mental mess?
PCOS affects 2 out of 10 women. If this is you, please continue reading!

How understood do you feel by your partner, your family, your friends and workmates? Your GP?

Are you exhausted all the time?
Constantly yoyo dieting; Is your relationship with food disordered?
Does a good night’s sleep elude you?
Do you worry about your fertility?
Or hide your skin in shame because of Adult Acne?
Have you been warned that you're at risk of Type 2 Diabetes?
I could go on, but I’m writing you this message not to agitate despair. but to bathe you in hope for the future.

PCOS, a metabolic disorder, once virtually unheard of, is becoming something of an unfortunate health trend for women in every country.

It can take from 6 years to several decades struggling with up to 14 debilitating symptoms before medical specialists offer a diagnosis.

And this is often when the real despair begins. Because the treatments are often counter-intuitive, and leave the mind and body feeling even worse off through the toxic and hormonal side-effects fo modern treatments.

The PCOS Summit fills in the blanks to understand why the body and mind of women affected are thus affected and what to do about it.

Without toxic hormone treatments, painful invasive procedures, time off work, the PCOS Summit has 23 experts in PCOS delivering educational presentations that will strengthen your mindset and your body.

The PCOS Summit is an amazing collaboration bringing you advice and strategies to manage your hormones and put PCOS into remission.

I want to make sure you have your spot to take part. It's here, and it's free when you register at
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