Holistic Healing Massage for Mums- September Offer!!!

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Holistic Healing Massage for Mums- September Offer!!!

Postby AnnaBojaryn » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:20 pm

Holistic Healing Massage @ Anna's Energy Healing

Hello lovely Mums.
I'm Complementary therapist and Intuitve Healer, working with Women (most of them are Mums ) in Wandsworth.
As at the moment Schools had started and many of you are overloaded by papers, choices and new choirs for you and kids, and many more things.

I'm offering Holistic Healing Massage which lasts for 1,5hour and is a combination of Relaxing Swedish Massage and Healing (Chakra Balancing) for £50 (from £75) to :
- relax your tensions,
- bring more calmnes to your Mind,
-balance to your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul,
- give yourself time to Relax, Rejunivate and Restore your energies.
Those are just few benefits.
Most of my clients have noticed they felt lighter, happier, were sleeping much better, and were less stressed and more focused after sessions.

I have only 5 spots avalible for this week. And they are being booked fast :)
I'm working from home - so it's a private, and safe place. (Parking avalible)

If You would like to find out more about me please check my Facebook page - Anna's Energy Healing.

To book, or for more info text or call on 07752162727.

I'm posting this as it is my priviladge to work with and support Mums.

I do believe that in order to really be able to get everything done and don't burn out - there is a time needed when our body and mind can Relax and Restore - and that's why I have created that treat - Holistic Healing Massage ♡

I do hope that this post will find you well.

Anna Bojaryn
Intuitive Healer
@ Anna's Energy Healing
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