Doe the Weekend Ruin Your Weight Loss Progress?

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Doe the Weekend Ruin Your Weight Loss Progress?

Postby Fit for Life C » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:58 am



Are you good all week and then when the weekend comes you want to splurge a bit?

Unfortunately, unless you're accounting for it - you're completely screwing up what you've done in the week

I'm not telling you not to - who doesn't want to kick back a little bit over the weekend - it's totally normal

But those extra calories have to be trimmed back from somewhere

Take my client Jill - she likes to have meals out, a few drinks, etc

She's got a very pressurised job in the city and quite frankly, deserves to kick back a bit

Before she started with me, she told me being good during the week wasn't a problem - but she likes going out over the weekend

So I created a plan for her where she could do just that

Every weekend she meets her best friend in the cafe and has a full English breakfast

Every weekend she goes out for dinner

And every weekend she goes out for drinks

Not only has she exceeded her goal - she's been maintaining it for months

The process of weight loss isn't difficult - it's your adherence that is the issue

And not making sacrifices here and there - for a plan you can stick to

Look at this image

This is an example of someone who has maintenance calories of 2300 per day (meaning that if they eat that amount - they won't lose weight, or put on weight)

In order to lose 1lb of fat - they need to eat 3500 less calories than they need over the course of the week

So their calorie target is reduced to 1800 per day (saving them 500 per day = 3500 - 1lb of fat lost)


They then go out on Friday and Saturday and eat 1700 calories over their target (3400) and that puts them back to square one

Then they complain that "the diet doesn't work for them", "they just can't lose weight", "it's their metabolism", "it's their thyroid", "it's their genes"

Nope - their eating too much!

I say it all the time - but i'll say it again

Weight loss is a science - there is not one client i can't work with and get them to their goal

In the easiest and quickest amount of time

In a way that is still enjoyable and they don't have to give anything up

I've coached my parents (and their pensioners)

The physically impaired

The list goes on and on

Enjoy your weekend ; )

And if you have any questions about weight loss - feel free to message me


Weight Loss Coach
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