Pressures of being a mum...

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Pressures of being a mum...

Postby Susan Tominson » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:32 pm

Do you feel guilty because somehow you're never doing enough? Are you exhausted from constantly giving to others? Do you give yourself a hard time or feel like you're striving to do your best as a mum but never quite cutting it? 
  The pressures of being a mum are phenomenal. There's the version of motherhood the media would have us believe - and then there's the reality. Somehow we have this idea that mothers are (and should be) completely selfless - giving to everyone else before themselves. But striving to do can leave you feeling exhausted and guilty that you're somehow never doing enough.

I'm a mum and a counsellor and I'm running a workshop for mums called Motherspace. It's not a parenting workshop but a chance for mums to reconnect with themselves, breathe a sigh of relief and realise you're not alone.

The workshop is running on Saturday, the 24th November in Paddington. To find out more, check out my website at, drop me a line on, or ring me on 07986 647 317. Love to hear from you!
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