Dog Owners - Beware the dog food!

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Dog Owners - Beware the dog food!

Postby camdognutritionist » Wed May 22, 2019 3:19 pm

Hey there,

My name's Cam, I'm a independent dog nutritionist based in Wandsworth (I don't get paid by anyone to recommend their products), some of you lovely people may have met me on the common a few times! I'm trying to spread the word that "canine health is in a bit of crisis". (Vet. Nick Thompson) (A legend vet)

Why? Dog Food.

Here are the stats - (sorry, it's not great reading)

Since 2015 dog ownership has dropped from 9.3million to 8.9million.
In the same time spending on Vets has increased by 60%!
The pet food market has reached new highs of £2.65bn.
60% of dogs in the UK are obese 
47% of dogs will die of cancer (Veterinary Cancer Society)

If you have suspicions that your dog's food is possibly contributing to their ill health and those humungous vet bills. You're probably right. I know from conversations that dog illnesses are so often blamed on genetic issues and in some way that's right. However, nearly every single disease has a genetic basis, and it does not, by any means, make it a formality that one will contract it.

Genes are expressed differently depending on how well we look after ourselves, e.g. if we eat crap and never exercise. We're more likely to suppress the healthy genes and express the unhealthy ones. It's the same for dogs.

The vast majority of dog food is created with foods unfit for human consumption, it's normally totally processed, with not a single fresh food ingredient. Nothing can stay healthy, or recover from sickness on a diet of low quality fast food. It's this that's driving the soaring rates of common dog disorders in the UK.

Please feel free to get in touch for a chat about dog food and finding a healthier alternative or any health issue your dog is having. You'll be amazing how much food can help.

These vet bills can be so easily avoided. Please do get in touch.

Kind Regards


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