Want to find the diet that WORKS!

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Want to find the diet that WORKS!

Postby samcfuller789 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:39 pm

I am a Cambridge 1 to 1 diet consultant in the Clapham area. Cambridge weight plan consists of different programmes to suit your individual needs ranging from 450kcal - 1500+kcal.

Step 1 and 2 work by calorie reduction and also carbohydrate reduction, step 3-5 work on calorie reduction alone and are used for a more gradual weight loss and as part of the maintenance programme. Depending on your height, gender and your choice of products, weekly costs are generally around £50 or £70 for a fast fat burn plan.

Approximate losses are around 1 stone per month.

We not only offer one on one sessions but we encourage people to visit us together as a group which will entitle them all to 10% off purchases.

Naturally we would be happy to post details about yourself on our social media pages as well.

For more details about us please visit the

Sam and Jackie 121 diet consultant Facebook page

Kind regards

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