Insurance broker recommendation

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Insurance broker recommendation

Postby gmc030 » Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:58 pm

Hi - since moving to the area I've often relied on this site for service and adviser recommendations - anything from roofers to pest control (obviously I cross check these with other rating sites etc). So, I feel it is appropriate to add a name to the NV list of recommendations when I come across one.

A few weeks ago I decided to review our insurance/protection arrangements - but finding a good insurance broker turned out to be a bit of a struggle. The few that I spoke to seemed to be happy to arrange policies for us, but didn't seem very good at actually reviewing our specific circumstances and providing proper and thought-out advice.

So, I searched Nappy Valley for a few recommendations and came across Japis Rekhi (a local IFA). He did not disappoint.

Not only did Jaips arrange for us to get the protection we wanted, he also advised us on the best policies and the appropriate level of protection we need. I am generally super-risk adverse, so I tend to over-insure. Jaips advised us where it may be more appropriate to go for a lower cover level but longer policy term (which, in this case may have meant less fees for him - but I really feel like it was in my interest). This is something that none of the other brokers that I initially talked to had suggested, which is a huge testament to the quality of his advice, in my opinion. 

He seems to have moved firms since the last NVN post where I found him - so, to spare you the quick google I relied on, I will just leave his contact details below:

Mob: 07826101718
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