Recommending personal trainer

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Recommending personal trainer

Postby Moonlightdawn » Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:53 pm


For anyone looking to get fit and/or stronger in the New Year, may I recommend my trainer, Bleu Widley?

First of all, he’s genuinely invested in his clients' progress. He actually cares. Over the years, I have used various trainers and it can be a rare and unusual quality!

Bleu always has a plan of attack. He prepares the entire session in advance. He knows the exercises, weights, rest intervals, and even the exercise tempo. It’s all pointing in one direction: towards your ultimate goals of fitness/weight. He knows his stuff.

Bleu is also knowledgable on nutrition (but won’t force anyone to follow any drastic diet). His approach is “everything in moderation” including exercise. He is very gentle (but can be tough and challenging too).

Bleu’s focus is on quality work and making every single minute count. The number of times I’ve seen trainers glued to their mobile phones whilst with a client...

No one’s paid me to write this post. Just wanted to share his details as I think others might benefit.

Last but not least, he’s also very cost effective.

Contact details:
Bleu Widley: 07568596827
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