Wandsworth council fines

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Wandsworth council fines

Postby Bovril » Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:26 pm

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this?

I am guessing it isn't unique to our cluster of streets, but probably happening in the wider area -we have had a problem with gangs stealing bin bags and litter from bins in our front gardens on our local roads. Some of it is taken away, but anything not wanted is discarded back onto the street.

We had a really bad wave of it last year and spoke to the local police (to see if they were aware and I was also concerned if the gang/gangs were looking for personal details). The police said they can investigate if a number of people report it and gave us a crime reference number.

Fast forward to this week and it has happened to us again. The first we knew about it was when my husband discovered the contents of a bin bag which had previously been in our bin on his walk home from work. He came in, got a new bin bag from the kitchen and immediately went and cleaned it up and put it back in our bin.

Two days later through the post we got a £150 fine from Wandsworth Council for 'fly tipping'. We emailled the council with all the information we have including offering the crime reference number from when it happened before (and have now spoken to the police and got a crime reference number for this incident), said we cleaned it up as soon as we realised that it had been stolen and was on the street etc.

We got an email back saying pay up or we will take you to court. And something ridiculous about how we should be storing our bins in our back garden, not our front garden??

So instead of trying to find out who is stealing people's bin bags and discarding them all over the place they would rather charge innocent householders for being the victims of crime?

Has anyone had this before?

We are wondering how on Earth we are supposed to deal with it.
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Re: Wandsworth council fines

Postby BrianP » Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:39 am

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm disappointed but not surprised at the response of the police and the council. The answer to crime prevention now seems to be DIY. If there are any local CCTVs see if you can get access to the footage. Do you have a neighbourhood watch group who could take turns keeping a lookout? Finally shred anything with your personal details on it. The council does not recycle shredded paper but in my opinion your personal security should trump saving the planet.
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