Do you have a Filipino nanny?

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Do you have a Filipino nanny?

Postby LizzieC84 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 1:05 pm

National Geographic photo shoot with Filipino nannies


I am a journalist with a very unique request. I’m working with a Filipino journalist who is putting together a photo shoot for National Geographic magazine. She is looking for Filipino mothers who are working for UK families as nannies to be included in her shoot. The focus of the piece is very positive- it will focus on the bonds that Filipino nannies form with their new families when they migrate over to the UK. Both the child/children and the nanny will be photographed and it will form part of a lovely shoot in National Geographic with other children featured from around the world. There are no fees or anything involved, it's purely a human interest piece for the magazine.

If your family has a Filipino nanny or nursery worker who has an amazing bond with your child (and kids of her own back home) and you would consider being featured, please contact me and I can give you more information/put you in touch directly with the photographer. The photographer will be visiting the UK at the end of March/early April. She herself was brought up by a local, Filipino nanny and understands how great the bond can be.
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