Virtual tutor/Nannies What are your thoughts???

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Virtual tutor/Nannies What are your thoughts???

Postby nannyandchild » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:50 pm


My names Carly, and i'm the founder of Nanny and child. I'm just putting the feelers out really to see what it is parents are in need of now that we are all in lockdown!

I have a few virtual tutors who are looking for work and also lots of nannies that are wondering what they can do from home to support parents.

I was thinking of the virtual nanny aspect and can appreciate this may prove difficult but, I think we could make it work for some families. A virtual nanny could assist with some things ie sing time, storytime and organised activities while the parents can get an hour or so of work done in the next room. I think there are many factors to think about here but I wanted to get some feedback from the parents themselves.

Please let me know your thoughts! We all need to pull together at this time.

Huge thanks in advance.
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