Kimberley Swim Clinics will remain closed for now

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Kimberley Swim Clinics will remain closed for now

Postby KayceeBee » Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:19 pm

We are sad to confirm that it will be at least October 2020 before Kimberley Swim Clinics operates again.  This is because we can't do what we do best with social distancing measures in place. 

We hope that you and your families are able to find some water to swim in this summer.  Even just playing in water will help build a child's water confidence and water legs/stamina.  

If you are going to teach your child one thing in the water this summer the most important fundamental swimming skill they can learn, whatever their age, is how to get onto their back in a horizontal position and float in a star shape.  This will aid their swimming development and is a key self-rescue skill.
Unless this is practiced a person’s natural reaction, when struggling in water, is to attempt a walking action in a vertical position and panic.  It’s almost impossible to float in a vertical position and the walking action in water uses unnecessary energy.
Next time you get to swim with your child practice floating with them.  You can start using aids such as kick-boards and noodles and as they get more confident gradually take the aids away.  When they’ve mastered floating on their backs move on to getting into the floating position from different starting points such as from standing, from their front, from a surface dive to the bottom and from jumping in.

Be safe! and be particularly prudent if swimming in open water.  You can find water safety advice here on the RLSS website.

Have a good summer and we hope to see you in autumn.
Kimberley and team
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