Helping brother financially

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Helping brother financially

Postby nairobi365 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:07 am

I'm so very glad that you have thought of the option to help your brother unconditionally.

Since my last posting on this, I have helped somebody else who is now in accommodation, work and so unbelievably happy. He keeps saying "somebody help[ed me!".

I have also had my 70th birthday last week and have 3 children of 43, 40 and 36. I have helped all 3 hugely in their adult lives and all their cards reflected this and said "thank you for helping me". This meant as an adult and not as a child being brought up. That vital help at a point when people are going under can be crucial.

As I write, I am helping nobody and all are on their feet and independent with gainful lives.
Will I help again in the future? Yes, certainly - if it feels right.

All the best and hopefully you will sleep well with your choice!
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