How have you managed to look after your elderly parents from a far - during lock down??

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How have you managed to look after your elderly parents from a far - during lock down??

Postby Positivevibes » Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:55 pm

Hi all,

I'm an ex Battersea mum and thought this forum maybe a good sounding board, in helping me get some clarity on my next career move.....

I've recently left London and my 20 yr retail management career behind for my next chapter. I have some ideas of what i'd like to do. I'm currently enrolled on an online learning social care course and have a strong sense of direction of where I want to go with it.

My current module focus's on inclusion, safe guarding and wellbeing. As well as much research through Age uk and other organisations, I want to hear how its affecting families first hand.

As many of the nappy valleynet community are working professionals whilst also raising young families in London - i'm interested to hear how you've managed/juggled looking after your elderley parents from a far during lock down - whom maybe either isolated, lonely or not as mobile, especially for those that don't live near by.....

What have been the struggles/pressures you've faced not being able to physically help them?
Anything from setting up a zoom chat to managing their wellbeing, guess theirs no right or wrong answer just your own story.

Have you relied on neighbours to offer that support or have you looked for home care support?

If any of you lovely people are willing to share, either publicly or privately on here your situation/story, it would really help me see if my ideas are going in the right direction.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading.
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