New pro-Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Fb group - please join + traffic reduction research

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New pro-Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Fb group - please join + traffic reduction research

Postby GuyD73 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:32 pm

This is clearly quite an emotive and divisive subject, so I've no wish to argue about the merits or drawbacks of the measures at this very early stage. 

I really feel for those on main roads who are suffering from increased congestion but I believe this will be short term and in time people will be persuaded to make short journeys by foot, bike or public transport, so overall traffic will reduce, freeing up road space for those who genuinely don't have a choice but to drive. 

There are anti-LTN groups for those who think the measures are poorly designed or badly communicated, and I'm not saying they're perfect, but we do have to come up with some radical solutions to get people out of their cars when there are other options available to them. Keeping things as they were just isn't an option. This group aims to tell positive stories around people trying out Cargo bikes for the school/nursery run, kids cycling to school for the first time because they feel safer, people doing sizeable food shops with bike baskets and panniers, elderly folk getting on bikes for the first time in 20 years... Check out the amazing lady carrying 5 kids! Is that a record?

So, here's an article about research carried out all over the world into traffic 'evaporation'. The notion that LTNs will simply push all the traffic elsewhere just simply isn't born out by the data. ... evaporate/

This is a fabulous book, Happy City, about how traffic reduction measures have vastly improved people's lives in cities across the world. (I've a copy if anyone wants to borrow it). 

And here's the FB group. Please don't join it simply to cause arguments, you'll be swiftly ejected. It absolutely IS a forum for those who think the schemes have merit but need some tweaking (unlockable bollards for emergency services for example) or that council communications needs to be better etc. I look forward to hearing some more of your positive stories around changes in behaviour and joyous pics of kids cycling in much quieter streets. Oh and massive fan of school streets too, delighted that our school has applied!
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