Nanny share - Clapham Common Northside

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Nanny share - Clapham Common Northside

Postby Lily85 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 12:50 pm


I’m shortly to return to work and need to arrange a part time nanny share to start sometime between now and early January. This is flexible for the right arrangement! We live Clapham Common Northside.

I would be looking for three days (probably Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) and the hours to cover 8am-6pm.

I have two children - aged 3 years and 1 years.

My eldest is at pre school and either finishes at midday or 3pm depending on the day.

Therefore the care would mainly be for my youngest. I would be keen for her to have a nap either at our house or in another family’s house over lunchtime so realise that may interfere with older children pick up times from pre school.

Do let me know if anybody is looking for another family to join an existing nanny share or if you’re also looking for a nanny share/even some extra help during the day where I could share all of some of the nanny hours.

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