Home alarm installers - recommendations?

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Home alarm installers - recommendations?

Postby rpppp » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:24 am

Hi, can anyone recommend any home installers - our alarm has a slight fault and these are the companies already tried, don't need the system taken over but guess that's what they do nowadays before they touch a home alarm. Unfortunately a minor error means a whole system take over and spending a few hundred pounds.

1. Banham - used them previously when I bought our house and it was pre-installed, more expensive than other companies and quote was silly.

2. Henson - currently with them but think they're now out of business as not had any calls/mails returned in 6 weeks.

3. SDS - trying to figure out if they can fix or replace the alarm, been waiting over a week to get meaningful response from them

4. Barkingdog - emailed, got a missed call from Andrew, called him back and he said he'd return my call in a few mins when he was in the office (Monday), no call so chased again yesterday and still waiting.

Would be nice to get a recommendation for a company that actually wants to help or is a bit more timely in their responses, none of the above seem like they want the work based on responses or lack of responses to date.

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