E-cargo bike riding jobs at fantastic young logistics company Pedalme

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E-cargo bike riding jobs at fantastic young logistics company Pedalme

Postby GuyD73 » Thu Sep 30, 2021 4:49 pm

I’ve recently joined a brilliant E-cargo bike logistics company called Pedalme and we're hiring riders in considerable numbers to service the growth we're seeing in terms of moving both people and cargo around London, 7 days a week.
  I love that the company policy is ‘Everyone rides’, with CEO/management regularly riding long shifts and it’s an extremely democratic, friendly and collaborative environment. If you haven’t seen one, you’ll be amazed at the loads that a Pedalme rider can carry and I genuinely think this is the future of urban freight. Every job we do represents one fewer polluting and/or congestion causing vehicle movement in London and large organisations, SMEs and the public alike are hugely supportive of zero emissions, explaining our rapid expansion.
  It can be tough, challenging work but is extremely rewarding. The training is industry leading, recommended as an “assured” qualification by City and Guilds. Our riders are a committed and talented bunch, and are employees with sick/holiday pay, pensions etc rather than contractors. Many of them also work on tech development, design, sales, mechanics and many more opportunities of this kind will emerge over the coming months as we scale up. So if you have skills you feel might be useful to an early stage business, you may well get a chance to exercise them with us alongside your riding duties.
  It helps if you're a confident cyclist with some knowledge of London's geography but just as important is having a friendly, helpful attitude and being a good communicator with the operations team and customers in the field. Please apply here (and if you can remember please mention NVN in your application, so we can tell if this post gains us any employees!)
  Whether you're in the public or private sector, if you'd like to see if your organisation could replace some of your trips by van with a quicker and cheaper zero emissions solution, then please get in touch.
  We work with councils who hire drivers for a number of hours at a time for foodbank deliveries, other organisations are using us to move staff and residents between sites and to appointments and some take a leasing, training and maintenance package while using their own directly employed riders for logistics. Beyond this we're used by a large number of food businesses, recipe box schemes, breweries, charities, NHS Trusts, office furniture providers and bicycle suppliers and repair companies. Have a little scroll down our home page for a flavour of the types of loads we can carry. - you might be surprised!


Individuals are using Pedalme for a variety of reasons among which are:
Replacing taxis for journeys to or from rail stations with lots of luggage.
Transporting young ones back from school or to kids' parties - my 2 absolutely love being ridden places on a Pedalme.
People taking elderly parents to doctor and hospital appointments.

A couple of tips for using the app - https://pedalme.app/
 Book in advance (ideally 24 hours ahead) for a cheaper rate.
Avoid lunchtimes - 10.30-12.30 when there's a surcharge for our peak period.
Use the discount code Guy10 for 10% off :)
 If you have any questions or would like a quote for a multi-drop job, then please email with your phone number
 sales at pedalme dot co dot uk

Check out our social pages too. Hope to hear from you! 
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