Building proposal on Station Parade - Objections needed please!

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Building proposal on Station Parade - Objections needed please!

Postby CatO17 » Mon Nov 15, 2021 2:24 pm

Hi all,

As many of you may be aware, there are big building works proposed for 10 Station Parade, Balham High Road. These include a whole floor on the top of the building, excavating a basement and adding balconies to all flats. The proposal details can be found on the Wandsworth site - Planning Application 2021/4367.

I live in 9 Station Parade and have a number of concerns about these proposals, not least as the new floor will block out the light on my balcony and the new balconies will mean residents can literally clamber into my property (which is deeply worrying).

I have spoken with the Ward Councillor who was incredibly helpful, but warned that unless lots of people object to this proposal, it will likely go ahead. So, I was hoping that some of you might help me and make an objection also. Below are some of the points I raised which will affect the general community, not just me as a neighbour. If you would be able to visit the site -and lodge an objection based on the below, I would be hugely appreciative. The deadline for this is Thursday 18th. As you will see, the proposals will impact the neighbourhood, not just me!

Thank you so much,

1) Adverse impact on the scale and character of the property
The proposed plans will irrevocably alter the character of Station Parade, with the suggested additional storey dominating the Parade and the proposed balconies, appearing “stuck on” – cheapening the overall appearance of the buildings more broadly.
From council records it appears Station Parade, which incorporates 10 buildings, was built between 1896-1916. As such the parade has retained its historic character for over 100yrs. Making rear and roof extensions leading to an additional floor would have an adverse impact on the scale and character of this historic building and parade.
No other building on Station Parade extends to the height and depth proposed in the planning application of 10 Station Parade, specifically the roof extension leading to an additional storey. As such the proposed depth of the additional storey would exceed anything else on Station Parade and exceed the building line of all other buildings at the level of the additional storey, including previous rear extensions of other buildings on Station Parade.

2) Additional residential flats will add unacceptable strain to local amenities
This site does not have off-street vehicle parking and the proposed scheme will not offer any. Ravenswood Road, which is adjacent to 10 Station Parade is already under considerable strain in terms of traffic congestion and parking spaces are incredibly limited. With an additional 8 residential flats, housing c. 16 new residents, there will undoubtedly be more vehicle movements coming and going from the site and this is not supported by the proposed plan. According to TFL 54% of Londoners have a car. This means that, on average there will be 8 additional cars belonging to the tenants of 10 Station Parade, a factor which has been grievously overlooked by the current plans. To note, 10 Station Parade does currently have two private car parking spaces which are at the back of the property and securely closed. However, the revised plans propose removing these for the sake of creating additional units – worsening the amenities for tenants and other users of Ravenswood Road.

3) Waste and recycling
There is an existing issue, previously reported to Wandsworth Council, regarding an overflow of waste from Station Parade with no bins for collection nor recycling points.
The proposal states that waste from 10 Station Parade will be housed in the bin store, but also notes that this bin store will only serve the residents for the flats (assuming only 12 residents across 8 properties...!) and not the commercial unit at all.

As such, the proposed bin store is too small for the number of users. This would easily be rectified by not trying to squeeze so many additional units into the space. Not addressing this risks an increase of fly tipping on the road outside – a problem with which the Council is already struggling.

4) Concerns re proposed Basement addition
I am seriously concerned regarding the safety of the excavation of a basement combined with the addition of a storey on 10 Station Parade. All buildings along Station Parade shake vigorously when freight trains pass through Balham Station. Recent changes on the main line have meant this impact has been exacerbated over the last two years. With this in mind, I am concerned that the excavation plus additional weight on a reduced foundation would jeopardise the structural integrity of 10 Station Parade – putting 9 Station Parade (and other buildings in the vicinity) at risk also.
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