leather sofa recommendations

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leather sofa recommendations

Postby Mary-in-Earlsfield » Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:33 pm

I'm not a leather sofa person, but have somewhat reluctantly agreed with my leather-keen husband that it is the most practical kind of material to have with kids around. We have recently done a back extension and have a lovely new light and airy family room looking out on the garden that needs a sofa.

I am overwhelmed by the choice out there but want to make an investment in a good quality, tasteful and comfortable piece of furniture (that my mother who helped pay for our extension won't turn her nose up at!) I don't have an exact budget in mind, but £2-3K perhaps?

I am looking for a three-seater leather sofa that is good quality and tasteful... am thinking more of a warm/lighter brown (not too dark). I love the look of a chesterfield but my mother and husband think that's the wrong style for a family room. But maybe something with a slight nod to that style.

Thank you in advance for anyone who has trodden this trail before and can give me any tips - places to look etc. Much appreciated!
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