Looking for Recommendations on Assisted Living Options

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Looking for Recommendations on Assisted Living Options

Postby Gina_Gee » Tue May 03, 2022 3:09 pm

Hi all, I am after some advice and hoping someone can offer some guidance.

My dad is 80 years old, he has been out of employment since the beginning of Covid and is running out of his savings. He has always been a 'live for today' sort of man and enjoyed his life to the max but he now has no income, no assets and only a state pension (I won't go into the frustration I feel for this position he has put himself in - that is an entirely different story!).

He is currently renting a flat in Manchester but it looks like he won't be able to pay the rent for much longer. My brother and his wife live in Wandsworth and I live in Lambeth with my family so we would like him to move a bit closer to us all. Having him live with any of us permanently is not an option and the waiting lists for council housing schemes are long and could take years.  We feel he needs assisted living, a place where he has his own space but the ability to access a communal area for meals, etc.  Between various family members we can all try and club together to help him financially but most of the private retirement living options seem to be hugely expensive and I just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations of places which might be a bridge between council housing and private retirement homes?  

Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!

Many thanks
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Re: Looking for Recommendations on Assisted Living Options

Postby Greyskies » Mon May 09, 2022 6:35 am

Have you spoken to your local adult social services department? At very least they should have a list of facilities available in the area. Is he a member of a church? Ex Trade Union? Sometimes they have facilities they can point you to. 

Has he had a needs assessment carried out by his own local adult social services team? Is his decision making on finances indicative of dementia? Sometimes people can present as rational while actually suffering from dementia.

I think that without a dementia/ physical disability diagnosis he will struggle to access any LA assistance. But if he gets a diagnosis and moves into an assisted living facility with his own flat he should qualify for housing benefit which would be a big help. But I am not sure what the rules are on moving from the north where facilities are much cheaper to the south are. 
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Re: Looking for Recommendations on Assisted Living Options.

Postby Sudifoodie » Mon May 09, 2022 9:32 am

My Dad has recently moved to Lewis House in Beaulah Hill which are individual apartments to rent and he absolutely loves it.  Meals are not provided, each apartment has its own brand new small kitchen but there is a great social atmosphere.  It is mid range price and I gather there are a couple of apartments vacant presently.   If he doesn't like cooking, I could recommend my friend's Apres Food range of nutritionally calibrated organic ready meals which are fantastic (far better than other better known options and I am a food writer so highly critical) that can be ordered in for a week or so of supplies and plenty of local shops/pubs etc.   I am with him now and he says they love lively individuals.
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